I am a licensed Professional Counselor and licensed Massage Therapist and teach in both professions.

My approach to body-oriented Integrative Therapy is a result of years of education and personal study in human development, trauma phenomena, group process, Myofascial therapy, Rhythmical Massage, spiritual practices, and movement as a basis for in-depth psychotherapy and hands-on bodywork.

Along with a Masters Degree in Counseling, I completed extensive courses for treating trauma and developmental issues at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (formerly Hakomi Somatics), and continue to study with the Institute. I also completed a four-year Psychosophy Seminar that works to join psychology and Anthroposophical medicine.

My work of integrating these therapies with somatic education and careful listening provides clients with a thorough, supportive, safe, and clinically effective form of therapeutic bodywork and in-depth psychotherapy. My intent is to help clients cultivate/strengthen personal and interpersonal resources so they can carefully and safely examine traumas or other personal issues, and to gradually digest overwhelming experiences. This can allow clients to be freer and more present to all that life provides.

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