Working My Way Back…and Forward

In Working My Way Back...and Forward I play two characters in a one-person musical about therapy.

The play tells the story of a client, Uly, who finds a therapist, Jerome. Together they work on Uly's current stresses, and discover deeper traumas that deserve attention. Uly's music sings his struggles and successes. Each of them changes deeply as they work together.

For general audiences it is a conversation event, offering opportunity to experience the story of these two characters, and to discuss mental health and recovery from trauma during interludes of the play.

For professionals, a CE program extends the conversations with presentations of theory and practices to expand therapy options that include those described on my site as well as others I study and find to be effective.

EMAIL ME if you would like to view the video of the show.


My Work

I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and Licensed Massage Therapist and have taught in both professions for decades.

My approach to body-oriented Integrative Therapy is a result of years of formal education and personal study in human development, trauma phenomena, group process, spiritual practices, movement, Myofascial therapy, and Rhythmical Massage. This serves as a basis for in-depth psychotherapy and hands-on psychotherapeutic bodywork.

Along with a Masters Degree in Counseling, I completed extensive advanced courses for treating trauma and developmental issues through the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (formerly Hakomi Somatics). I continue to study with the Institute and with other related teachers of neuroscience, attachment-based, and body based therapies.

My work of integrating these therapies with somatic education and careful listening provides clients with a thorough, supportive, safe, and clinically effective form of in-depth experiential psychotherapy.

My intent is to help clients cultivate/strengthen personal and interpersonal resources so they can mindfully and safely examine traumas or other personal issues, and to gradually digest overwhelming life experiences. This can allow clients to be freer and more present to all that life provides.

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