I have come to trust the essential connection of body sensation and movement to the way we think, feel, and act. Massaging sore muscles heals injury, or restores vitality. This improves quality of life. Often bodywork grounds you when the residue of stress or trauma makes if difficult to focus. Often working with the body reveals a wound or the meaning of the past, and allows resolution to progress. I have been grateful for what clients have taught me about living in their bodies and healing their souls. This has prompted the joining of hands-on care with the experience of mindful reflection for therapy. For many it is the missing ingredient in their healing process.

Integrative massage and hands-on care can be the main focus or part of your therapy. It acknowledges that all psychological distress has a physical component. Something in your body lets you know your feeling bad. It usually deserves attention in a holistic approach to healing.

  • Chronic pain is both cause and effect of personal difficulty or injury. Experience new ways to manage long-term pain.
  • Injuries can be short-term disruption to general life. Hands-on work with injured tissues and joints can speed recovery and avoid chronic unfinished healing.
  • Stress is unavoidable in life. Even good things and positive changes alter your typical rhythms. Massage can keep you on track during changes as well as when injury occurs.
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