My goal as a therapist is to collaborate with people to discover ways their lives and relationships can work well, despite the inevitable calamities of family history and traumatic events. I do this with my understanding of human development, psychotherapy and therapeutic bodywork/massage.

In meeting for therapy, working to stay awake to experiences, your feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, and patterns of behavior evolve, arriving at new freedom and appreciation for being alive. It is possible to make life even more worth living as relationships and well-being improves.

Frustration arrives when life seems to drive things out of control. A therapeutic connection can be a necessity and gift, an ointment over wounds. I believe it takes a lot of practice to notice what is going on and to choose freely what may happen in the next moment. Finding support for what you need can help.

I will offer you support for your healthiest beliefs, your relationships, your work, your spirituality, your direction in life, your creativity. All this is the stuff of life's complexity. I can help you use your resources to stay present to your challenges and vulnerability. In this way your mind, your body and your soul get the care they need.

Experiential Psychotherapy

  • Body-oriented, depth psychotherapy.  Gain understanding of causes of patterns and recover the missing experience of yourself--feeling safe, changing your beliefs and abilities, gaining new perspective, establishing healthy boundaries, resolving grief, having compassion for your self, living in your body, expressing your best self without fear.
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma (Injuries, emotional or physical abuse, surgeries).  Trauma is a body wound. It has enormous physical impact. Reestablish a more balanced nervous system, with less sensitivity to being triggered by events or memories. Find the ability to diminish the intrusion of flashbacks, and hypervigilance. Learn what it feels like to know relaxation and ease; widen your tolerance of the unknown.
  • Available for individuals, couples, groups
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