As an educator I believe that moments of learning can have significant impact on the direction of an individual or an organization. Good learning adds useful and often insightful information and helps develop skills. New experiences invigorate so the personal and the professional grow in a positive way. I have led classes, workshops or courses in many settings. Learning with those I teach is one of the rewards of the profession.

Continuing Education for Counselors and Massage Therapists

  • Massage therapist support/supervision groups--watch for updates of events on therapeutic technique, or professional development.
  • Continuing Education/In-Service for teachers. Innovative programs on learning styles, education for the senses and collaboration of teachers and school counselors are available. These are co-presented with Eileen Frechette, master teacher and therapeutic educator of children.
  • In-service events for groups or organizations--call to co-design a program or retreat for your colleagues when team-building and professional development are desired.
  • Presentations and Workshops: Call or email to schedule introductory presentations for your staff, church, school or agency: Stress Management, Personal development, Counselor Education, Trauma healing, Presence Practice.

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